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The BLoc

The Bloc is a new membership program operating out of Pattern. Its goal is to elevate Denver’s place in the photo world, while simultaneously creating a supportive community that pushes each person’s work and career forward.

The Bloc’s structure is based around three principles:


- Short and long-term goal setting

- A community that holds you to those goals

- A space to work, which moves you out of isolation and procrastination

- Monthly critique and happy hour


- Monthly speakers

- Photobook Library of over 500 titles for research and inspiration 

- Workshops and informal talks with top photographers from around the country and world


- Creating a database of Bloc photographers as a resource for editors and art buyers

- Co-Marketing included in price

- Collaborative Promotion through Pattern Channels


- The Bloc is limited to 15 members

- $400 per month - dedicated desk space

- $250 per month - flex desk space

- 1 scholarship space

- Applications are due November 1, 2019 and the Bloc is scheduled to launch Dec 1

- Download the application form here