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Opening: Border stories

For Pattern's first show, we are looking at the southern border by bringing two distinct bodies of work into conversation with one another.

The first, Elliot Ross’s American Backyard is a sweeping look at the 2,000 mile border. Through collected vignettes, the project aims to look at border issues as they play out in daily lives. Beyond talk of The Wall, there is a larger, less transparent story to be told about our Borderlands to do with creolization, acculturation, habitat loss, surveillance and diversity.

Rachel Woolf’s Deported: An American Division, on the other hand, focuses on one family. Lourdes Salazar Bautista had been living in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the past 20 years along with her 3 children, all born in the United States, when she was deported. Lourdes, along with her two younger children, left for Mexico soon after the hearing in August 2017. Woolf’s project follows the Bautista family through this separation, exploring the impact of immigration policy on one family that is now divided by borders.